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和綠共事 -
• The Energy Aligned Clause (3 October, 2012). Retrieved July 25, 2014 from City
of New York, The Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability Web site:
• 環境保護|太古地產(2014)。太古地產有限公司。2014.07.25 擷取自網頁
• The Green Deal - A summary of the Government’s proposals (2010). Retrieved
July 16, 2014 from UK Government, The Department of Energy and Climate
Change Web site:
• 香港綠色建築議會-培訓(2014)。香港綠色建築議會有限公司。2014.07.25 擷取自網頁
• Watkins T. The Human House, Sustainable Design. Karaka Bay Press, Auckland
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Retrieved July 25, 2014 from Council of Australian Governments, The Department
of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Web site:
• Wilkerson, J. T. (1 June, 2012). The Energy Gap from Split Incentives in U.S.
Residential Appliances. Retrieved July 25, 2014 from Stanford University,
Management Science and Engineering Web site:
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