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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
In the capacity of the Chairman of Hong Kong
Green Building Council Limited (the HKGBC), it is
my pleasure to present the “Green Tenancy Driver
for Office Buildings”. This Guide aims to encourage
the establishment of a sustainable and healthy
working environment between landlords and
tenants, and lead Hong Kong to be a city of low
energy consumption and carbon emission.
Founded in 2009, the HKGBC shoulders the missions
to promote the standards and developments of
sustainable buildings, and to cohere with different
stakeholders, such as society, industries and
government to create a low carbon environment.
Recently, the HKGBC launched the HK3030
Campaign with the ultimate goal to reduce 30%
of Hong Kong’s building electricity consumption by the year 2030 (with reference to 2005
electricity consumption levels), via policy initiative, technology advancement and uptake,
as well as the gradual change of the entrenched mentality beneath our electricity-reliant
Buildings in Hong Kong account for 90% of Hong Kong’s annual electricity consumption
and commercial buildings make up the bulk. It is necessary to take feasible measures in
reducing the energy use in commercial buildings. To cope with this, the implementation
of “Green Building” is one of the most feasible ways. A “Green Building” does not only
take into consideration the impact of building materials, architectural design, construction
plan and process towards the environment, but also the operation and management of
the buildings, which reduce waste of resources and carbon emission. This “Green Tenancy
Driver for Office Buildings” aims to introduce a simple guideline to property developers,
landlords, property management companies and tenants on the green tenancy concept.
Contents include a 5-stage roadmap: Green Awareness, Voluntary Pilot Run, Graduated
Collaborative Approach, Split Incentive Consent and Green Lease, encouraging landlord-
tenant collaboration to create a sustainable working environment. Use of green building
technology and energy-efficient appliances does not only reduce operational costs, but
also increases the rental value, thus achieves win-win collaborations. Although the road to
build the low carbon city is not easy, I strongly believe that we would reach this long-term
target over time with the close collaboration of all stakeholders.
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