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CH 2
his Roadmap charts the course to prepare Landlord and Tenant for the ultimate goal of Green
Tenancy - Green Lease. However, it is
obligatory for both parties to practise all
as both have understandably diverse expectations, capabilities and resources. These steps are
not necessarily sequential, so Landlord and Tenant may pick the steps suitable for them to take, and
discontinue wherever they find at ease.
As this initiative is applicable to all office occupants, it should
be noted that this roadmap may also be applied to entities which own the office area in addition
to Tenants.
Green Tenancy
This is a voluntary and preliminary trial
stage that is designated as a kind of
‘taster’ of the Green Tenancy for the
Landlord, Tenant and involved parties to
experience and adjust until they are ready.
Participants can choose their preferred level
of involvement with no liabilities attached.
This stage is also a great opportunity for
stakeholders to locate and remove any
potential complications. Collaboration and
cooperation between stakeholders are vital
to the success of this stage by assembling a
“Green Office Tenancy Committee”, setting
up a “Green Office Tenancy Plan” and
sharing responsibility.
Voluntary Pilot Run
Chapter 4
Prior to stakeholders’ participation of
Green Tenancy, they are educated and
enlightened on the context and details
so as to clear any miscommunication,
smoothen out any misconceptions, and
equip them with the necessary skillset
to effectively carry out a “Green
Office Tenancy Plan” by raising their
awareness. Through this process,
Landlord and Tenant will be educated
on the potential benefits of Green
Tenancy, and also be encouraged to be
Green Awareness
Chapter 3
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
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