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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
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What could you
It is strongly recommended that stakeholders implement what they have learnt from the
workshops and seminars. For example, stakeholders may be able to look at the same
sustainability problem from a different mindset after being enlightened with sustainability
education, hence allowing them to develop a suitable method to become more sustainable.
In addition, the participation in workshops and seminars will encourage behavioural
change, such as the adoption of sustainable behaviours. With the knowledge gained,
factsheets and signs could be created and served as a reminder for staff stressing the
importance of conserving energy or water. Some examples include:
• “Turn off lights” signs
• Stickers of "Switch off your computer"
• Fun facts such as how much energy could be saved if the printer is turned off
during off-hour
Constant communication between different levels of the office is required for successful
sustainability education. Other than a top-down education, companies may encourage
feedback and contribution of innovative ideas by the staff as well. Some fun activities,
such as competitions, quizzes or field trips, can enable employees to implement what they
have learnt from theories.
has invited their staff to observe areas in which energy-saving performance
is needed to be improved, and has rewarded to those who offered the best
ideas. The campaign generated a potential saving of more than HK$4 million
per annum (Energy Management|MTR Sustainability 2013, 2013).
MTR Corporation Limited
Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Limited
Wheelock Properties
encourages staff members to initiate new ideas in raising
green awareness. To minimise the pressure on Hong Kong’s landfills, they promote
waste reduction at their office. For instance, plastic bin liners are no longer used
in rubbish bins except for those in pantries. It is expected to result in a saving of
more than 10,000 plastic bags per year.
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