141103 GOT Guidebook (with cover & back)_final - page 34

CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
Set Environmental Objectives
Establishing requirements and planning for the successful implementation
of these requirements. Setting up of Environmental Objectives and their
updates should also be discussed.
Review of Regulations and Good Practice
Review and update plans taking into account forthcoming laws or the
development of good practices. Forthcoming changes in law or good
practice relevant to improving environmental performance of the building
should be tracked and discussed when appropriate.
Review Building Data
Data sharing and transparency is key for an effective implementation
during the Pilot Run. Overall environmental performance of the building
should be reviewed by the GOT Committee, as well as any alteration that
may affect the building’s performance.
Reporting and Continuous Improvement
The GOT Committee should be responsible for resource consumption
tracking, benchmarking when feasible (e.g. within building against Tenant
areas, other buildings owned by the Landlord, commercial buildings in
Hong Kong, etc.) and reporting results. To improve transparency and
motivate stakeholders, the GOT Committee should actively communicate
with relevant personnel on their achievements, new targets, updates in
environmental policies or best available technologies in the market.
GOT Committee
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