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CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
4. Developing the Indicator
Although the development for a proper indicator is subjected to different factors, a general format
can be used. Firstly, there is a need to define the parameters and features of the measurement
subject. The ultimate aim of the indicator is to ensure that it is applicable and usable universally, to
be consistent and to factor in the suggested natures of indicators above. If there are no possible
methods to formulate a suitable indicator, you may consider creating your own system, such as the
inclusion of humans, area, electricity into a giant own self-made unit.
Samples of performance indicators that can be used as standards of results:
• Energy for Landlord and any Tenant supplies: kWh/ net area (m
) or kWh/occupant/year
• Carbon associated with building energy: kg CO
e/ net area (m
) or kg CO
e/ occupant/ year
• Total water used: m
/ net area (m
) or m
/ occupancy/ year
• Total waste produced: tonnes/ occupancy or net area (m
• Total waste disposed to landfill: % of total waste produced
• Total waste disposed by other routes: % of total waste produced
The selection of indicators must also consider the scope of the measurement subject. When considering
the scope of measurement, the GOT Committee may consider factors such as type of equipment used,
certain area boundaries and ownership of equipment. The most common scenario deals with the
consideration of which areas have to be measured, boundaries for mesurement, etc.
Two examples
have been provided below to enhance stakeholder's understanding of scope of measurement:
ii. Area Boundary:
Area is a significant factor which greatly affects the results. For example, in a large office which is
split into different floors, the consumption of resources may vary a lot. If one floor is mostly filled with
the office servers while another floor consists of sparsely populated conference rooms, there will be
a great variation in the amount of electricity used. If a general indicator was applied to these two
departments, it would be difficult to determine the areas for improvement, as well as demotivate
stakeholders to save energy. Thus, it is recommended that the GOT committee carefully seperates and
considers each area, as well as apply the appropriate indicators.
3. The Scope of Measurement
i. Equipment type:
The GOT committee should consider the type of equipment used within the office. For example, the
energy consumption of a server within an office is not significantly affected by the number of
occupants. However, the server has to operate 24 hours and consumes significant amount of electricity
to cooling and operation. Hence, the GOT committee should take into account whether or not these
equipments should be included, and allocate the appropriate indicator.
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