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CH 4
Data Analysis
The regular report for feedback and
evaluation is essential to the effectiveness
of Green Tenancy. As there are subjects
which the GOT Plan might not have
accounted for, only constant review and
implementation can improve it. Moreover,
Green Tenancy is formed on the basis of
Graduated Collaborative Approach,
hence implying ‘gradual improvements’.
For the review to be effective, it must not
only monitor the undertaken and collated
results, but to also consider the effectiveness
of the strategy implemented. The review
should be carried out by GOT Committee,
who in turn, should prepare a sustainability
report for all stakeholders. This will allow
GOT Committee to communicate the
findings and outcomes to all stakeholders.
It is recommended that the GOT Plan
should be regularly reviewed and
improvement. Moreover, this will allow
GOT Committee to make decisions based
on changes in variables.
This stage is also a good opportunity to
review the GOT Plan. This will allow it to
take into account any changes in practices
suggested by GOT Committee or factors
shown by indicators. Through this, GOT
Committee will be able to update targets,
suggested practices and objectives to
ensure continuous development of the
GOT Plan.
By experiencing the regular cycle of the
review process, GOT Committee will gain
a better understanding of the strategy
employed, such as type of benchmarking,
suggested practices or data collecting
methods, etc. Thus, they are able to
increase the scope of the initiatives as well
as obtain more in-depth data. These might
include – additional sustainability topics,
other cost reductions, higher granularity of
data (including sub-metering for individual
systems), and further normalisation of
data collected. Ultimately, they are able
to refine the entire process and increase
the effectiveness of their strategy.
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