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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
that a GOT Plan
Defining the scope of problem,
identifying the reason
Prior to measurement, the GOT
Committee shall define its objectives
and scope of intended environmental
performance measurement, for example
waste management, energy and water
consumptions, etc. During the defining
phase, it is essential that the GOT
Committee should spend time on
identifying the possible reasons of
problem within the measured scope. For
example, it may conduct an investigation
into its energy usage, and collate it with
data from previous years (if available).
For the behavioural side, it could conduct
a thorough survey on Tenant to identify
any potential causes which need to be
apprehended. Once the causes have
been identified, the GOT Committee
may move on to the next step which is to
create a plan to solve the problem.
Although it is most ideal if the GOT
Committee takes up the entire scope of
measurement, it is more than often
infeasible at the beginning. It should
start with simple tasks. For each
additional factor within the scope, the
complexity and tasks required would
increase. Moreover, this will require
substantial investment in capital such as
measuring meters if no existing facilities
are in place. As this is a relatively new
idea, Landlord and Tenant may be
hesitant in committing too much. Hence,
Landlord and Tenant are encouraged to
start off in small steps. For instance,
commit with the objective of reducing
water usage.
Regarding electricity usage problem,
stakeholders may consider factors such
as lighting, computers, HVAC or
equipment usages, and determine their
contribution to the problematic energy
use. GOT Committee should also
consider how human behaviour may
contribute to this problem. For example,
Tenant might have neglected to switch
off office lights and HVAC after office
hours, thus leading to above average
usage in electricity.
Sino Property Services (SPS)
, a member of Sino Group, introduces green
practices and initiates various programmes with regard to energy saving, water
conservation, etc. Different stakeholders including tenants, staff and contractors
are encouraged to contribute to the environment sustainability together. Sino
Estates Management Limited, a pillar of SPS, has been awarded as one of the
top five organisations which obtained the most number of Environmental Labels
under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in 2013.
Sino Property Services
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