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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
hen facing a challenging task with a broad scope, such as taking part in
Green Tenancy initiative, there is a temptation to stretch to every aspect of
the scope and to try and complete all the tasks at the same time. However,
as seen in Chapter 4, each aspect requires thorough planning, and commitment from
all parties in order to be effectively carried out. Consequently, if the goals were to be
effectively achieved, it will be extremely difficult to formulate a set of sophisticated
sustainable strategies as well as carrying them out.
Knowing this problem, a method called the
Graduated Collaborative Approach (GCA)
has been formulated. In the simplest of terms, the GCA utilises a vertical-horizontal ladder
step approach. So what exactly is a vertical-horizontal ladder step approach?
At first, the participant takes a step in the vertical approach. The
vertical approach
to a process similar to the Pilot Run found within the GOT Cycle. To successfully complete
the vertical approach, the participant, for instance will have to complete every process
within the targeted scope of the Pilot Run. Once familiar with the process, the participant
may consider taking a step in the horizontal approach.
horizontal approach
refers to the GCA process, where after the successful
implementation and achieving of targets within a certain area, the participant may locate
another area for improvement. After the location of another area, the participant will
again, begin to take the vertical approach, such as the commencement of a Pilot Run. For
example, once participants have mastered a Pilot Run for reducing electricity consumption,
they may consider other areas such as conducting a Pilot Run for the reduction in water
usage using a similar methodology to speed up the process.
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