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CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
After the analysis, stakeholders are recommended to formulate a GOT plan to improve
(if any) on any underperforming or suggested areas or actions. To make appropriate
movements regarding objectives identified in the initial stage, the GOT Committee should
define measurable and practicable targets. It is recommended to set targets as numerical
and tangible figures, as to allow all stakeholders to understand the targets set.
Performance Targets could possibly be measured in:
Setting appropriate
• Setting an Actual Reduction Value
If the GOT Committee has no prior data or any established baselines to compare with, it
may still set a value as a performance objective. For example, the GOT Committee has
agreed to aim to reduce 400kWh of electricity for this year. This target may be
implemented immediately. However, there is a risk that the goals set may be too aggressive
or unreasonable.
• Reduction from Baseline
A method of Percentage Reduction from a baseline agreed by the GOT Committee is
simpler compared to the latter, and allows Landlord and Tenant to decide level of
commitment. However, the GOT Committee must take into consideration whether it is taken
from the building’s baseline or the Tenancy premise’s baseline. An example might be
going from a low reduction (5% - 10%) strategy to a high reduction (20% - 40%).
• Reduction from City-wide Average
The Percentage might be below Hong Kong average performance for office buildings
with similar features. This method would require proper Hong Kong wide benchmarking
values by type of premises and be adjusted for occupancy, process loads or operating
hours. For example, "The Building Energy Performance Recognition Scheme - Office
Occupants (BESTOO)" developed by the HKGBC can assist Landlord and Tenant in
comparing their energy performance with that of Hong Kong average.
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