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CH 5
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
The most vital part of this method is, perhaps
highlighted by the word, “collaborative”. The word
connotes cooperation between Landlord and Tenant,
i.e. maintaining healthy communication among GOT
Committee, as well as working together to explore
more solutions not just limited to infrastructural
upgrades. It is worth noting that a comprehensive
sustainable strategy is always comprised of different
tiers of solutions ranging in cost, complexity of
implementation, and from technical upgrades to zero-
cost driving of behavioural changes. The GCA mainly
focuses on benefits gained from the zero-cost driving
of behavioural changes.
As stated in Chapter 4, the GOT Committee should locate the problem and its causes
before experimenting with different solutions to improve operational performance. During
the trial stage, stakeholders will be able to familiarise themselves with the processes
involved in the GOT Plan, and also develop a better understanding towards the unique
features of the office environment. When the GOT Committee has determined that the
GOT Plan’s target has been fulfilled, it may set its sights to other aspects.
To guide and further their understanding, it is recommended that Landlord and Tenant
may consider using the GOT Cycle within the GOT Plan to help them to achieve their set
goals. For further information on the GOT Cycle, please refer to Chapter 4.
Voluntary Pilot Run
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