141103 GOT Guidebook (with cover & back)_final - page 44

CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
The GOT Plan is a flexible piece of document which can be utilised to cater the needs
of stakeholders. It is expected that stakeholders will use this stage as a trial and
practice stage which can allow them to consider if they are ready to take a step
further to Green Tenancy.
After having 'tasted', completed and mastered the methodology within the Pilot Run,
stakeholders may follow the Graduated Collaborative Approach to increase the
scope of the trial.
Control is a necessary step in the process. It is recommended to assign a person to
help encourage and remind Tenant to monitor and ensure that the Tenancy is being
followed. Moreover, they will be the regulators of the system, responsible for sending
reports to GOT Committee, and helping GOT Committee to spread messages to all
stakeholders. They will also be responsible for putting the GOT Plan under constant
scrutiny and review.
Step 6.
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