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CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
Data Collection
for GOT Plan
To collect data for a properly defined problem,
an environmental audit may be undertaken and
data which is readily available should be utilised
(i.e. Utility bills, net floor area, manual data
collection, Tenant's and Landlord's data, etc.). It is
beneficial if the building has achieved a BEAM
Plus certification or any labels. In such buildings,
data collection and monitoring may have already
been carried out, thus assist in the formulation of
a building’s baseline. For extra points, an
appointment can be made with an environmental
expert. The expert, who can be from an internal
or external source, will assist in the establishment
of a baseline for environmental parameters/
aspects and will also be responsible for
identifying scope of improvement along with the
guiding of the GOT Plan.
Hong Yip Service Company Limited
, in pursuance of its prime corporate objectives ‘to
comply with environmental legislation to prevent pollution, and make the best use of resources
to minimize the generation of waste’, has pioneered a range of green initiatives that are in
line with international standards over the years, and has enhanced the living environment of
a comprehensive portfolio of properties under its management. Hong Yip achieved ISO
14001 certification since 2001 and ISO 50001 certification in 2013 to demonstrate its
environmental policies, operational procedures, management plans and energy efficiency,
all of which are up to international standards. Hong Yip is dedicated to preserving the
environment and doing the very best in nurturing a more eco-friendly Hong Kong.
Hong Yip Service Company Limited,
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited
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