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CH 4
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
istory has shown that with every new idea introduced, a varying
degree of scepticism and caution will accompany it. Thus, the second
stage is designated as a kind of ‘taster’ of the Green Tenancy. This
is a voluntary and preliminary trial stage for Landlord, Tenant and other
parties involved to experience and adjust until they are ready for Green
Tenancy. They can choose their preferred level of involvement with no
liabilities attached. This stage is also a great opportunity for them to locate
and remove any potential complications such as the proper formulation of
a set of guidelines for Tenant to follow.
Prior to the commencement of a Pilot Run, it is important for both Landlord
and Tenant to be aware of each other’s objectives and goals. For examples,
how the objectives would be achieved
Is it realistic or implementable in
this building
By discussing in depth, the opportunity of miscommunication
between the Landlord and Tenant will decrease. To encourage cooperation
between stakeholders, a
Green Office Tenancy (GOT) Committee
be created, which should include related entities such as Landlord, Tenant
and Property Management Company. They should collaborate together
and work on an overarching sustainable strategy which will then provide a
framework for a
Green Office Tenancy (GOT) Plan
So, What are
Green Office Tenancy (GOT)
The GOT Committee is a group of stakeholders made up of Landlord, Tenant, Property
Management Company and other entities involved. It will be responsible for creating
and overseeing of the GOT Plan, and also the implementation of Green Tenancy.
The GOT Plan is the foundation framework that will support and allow the stakeholders
within GOT Committee to achieve their intended goal.
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