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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
Swire Properties
has always actively engaged its tenants. The company offer
tenants free energy audits to encourage efficient energy use, and also offers free
technical advice to tenants to apply for green building labels such as BEAM Plus. Swire
Properties has developed and integrated various waste management programmes in
partnership with its contractors to facilitate enhanced recycling for tenants.
Swire Properties Limited
To further enhance the quality and delivery of the sustainability education,
Landlord may wish to train current or employ real estate specialists to gain the
necessary knowledge to help Tenant formulate suitable sustainable strategies.
Furthermore, these specialists would also have the ability to assist potential Tenants
who are interested in becoming more sustainable. To increase their knowledge and
understanding of sustainability in office, they may for example:
• Take part in related professional courses
• Take part in workshops and seminars organized by relevant institutions or
organisations, such as the HKGBC, BEAM Society and so on
Once stakeholders have obtained the necessary knowledge, they can implement
what they have learnt in workshops and seminars. For example, this can include
thinking with a comprehensive sustainable mindset or the adoption of sustainable
Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited
HKGBC) has organised a number of CPD events and
trainings for BEAM Pro and the general public to raise
their awareness in understanding how behaviours
of building occupants contribute to a more efficient
and sustainable environment. (The Hong Kong Green
Building Council - Trainings, 2014)
Hong Kong
Green Building Council Limited
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