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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Building
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Swire Properties Limited
Swire Properties
integrates sustainability considerations into all stages of its business
decisions by minimising the use of natural resources, reducing or preventing pollution
and managing waste effectively. The company monitors over 70 parameters, such as
energy use, water consumption and recycled waste, etc. through an online sustainability
database to regularly evaluate and mitigate its environmental impacts. The company also
actively engages its tenants. It is the first developer in Hong Kong to provide tenants with
free energy audits to encourage efficient energy use, and the company also offers free
technical advice to tenants to apply for green building labels such as BEAM Plus. Swire
Properties has also developed and integrated various waste management programmes
in partnership with its contractors to facilitate enhanced recycling for tenants.
Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Limited
Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Limited
is committed in raising green awareness and
minimising environmental impacts. Wheelock House, managed by associated company
Harriman Property Management Limited, keeps improving building facilities and puts
emphasis on green management. By upgrading the air-cooled chiller plant to a water-
cooled system and replacing the light fittings to energy-efficient types, Wheelock
House successfully reduced almost 40% of its annual energy consumption in 2013. Its
A/C condensing water recycling system was installed for resources re-use and a 5-color
Recycle Corner was set up at individual office floors to encourage tenants’ participation.
With its dedication to sustainable environment, Wheelock was awarded Energywi$e
Label in 2013 and accredited with Green Organisations Label in 2014.
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