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CH 5
HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
It is essential for GOT Committee to receive periodic or continuous feedback, as it allows
the GOT Plan to be implemented much more effectively. Depending on the actual situation,
GOT Committee may meet quarterly or every half a year to discuss the current progress
or constraints if there are any. If the progress is above satisfactory, GOT Committee may
consider setting a more ambitious target (or vice versa). However, if the performance is not
up to GOT Committee’s expectations, GOT Committee may need to refine the improvement
strategy and pick another item to work on.
While certain macro targets have been set in the GOT Plan, the potential improvements
and contributions of each aspect may vary accordingly. Therefore, it is more realistic to
set intermediate targets with respect to the current progress in the GOT Plan. Landlord
and Tenant may work together on different solutions until one allows them to reach the
performance targets set in the GOT Plan. If possible, they may take usage data as a
baseline, derive an intermediate goal from it and possible cooperation with other Tenant in
setting of objectives.
GOT Committee should locate problems and identify its causes in several main,
potential areas: Energy, Waste Management, Cleaning, Water, Paper, Equipment and
GOT Committee may undertake an internal investigation after the location of problems and
areas of improvement. This may be done through actions such as surveying the area, as well
as the collection of data concerning occupants and equipment usage. For data collection,
collation and benchmarking procedures, please refer to Indicator section in Chapter 4.
Once the data has been compiled, it should be thoroughly reviewed and examined to gain
a better understanding of the performance of the initiative so far. If anomalies are located,
they should be reported to the GOT Committee so the committee representatives may
negotiate what they can do to address this issue.
For details, please refer to the Checklist on the next page (P. 47).
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