141103 GOT Guidebook (with cover & back)_final - page 59

HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
CH 6
This method tackles with retrofit projects that require
a significant amount of finance to develop. Very
often, these include building-wide replacement
of utilities such as HVAC, water heaters,
etc. In the majority of cases, Landlord is
responsible for the up-front investment,
where users will slowly
contribute by paying back
the investors through utility
bills such as savings in water
and electricity. However,
it should be noted
that the following
are for
reference and acted
as some examples
only. Every Split Incentive
method is case-specific,
hence stakeholders may feel
free to make any changes or
suitable amendments so as to
tailor to their own solutions.
Do you operate your
HVAC at 24 - 26
C to
be more sustainable
Has your Landlord or
Property Management
Company installed
energy efficient HVAC
units in your building yet
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