141103 GOT Guidebook (with cover & back)_final - page 65

HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
CH 7
Final Goal
Green Tenancy
So, What is
It is a legal agreement between Landlord and Tenant which sets out green
objectives. It promotes a synergetic relationship between both parties, improves
transparency, reduces the feared accountability, and ultimately yields cost
savings. In this section, only the pre-drafting and implementation stages will
be discussed. These two stages will describe the details which the Landlord
and Tenant should negotiate before drafting the Green Lease. Moreover, it
will cover the execution of Green Lease to create a more sustainable working
While the four previous steps are
more concerned with the process of
familiarisation of a sustainable office
management, this step is the compilation
and the sum of the Roadmap. When
s takeho l der s have comp l e t ed a l l
four steps and believe that they are
prepared, they may take a step forward
and implement a Green Lease.
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