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70 HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
CH 8
How to use this
Support energy data collection and access during normal working hours
without not less than 24 hours notice.
This document shall be used as an aid to improve the environmental
performance of the Building thereof the cost reduction and indoor quality. This
document can be used as
A. an Addendum to the Tenancy Agreement and to which selected clauses will be
cross-referenced in the Tenancy Agreement to apply to the Tenancy Agreement.
a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) whereby the parties to a Tenancy
Agreement agree to work together collaboratively to improve the environmental
performance of the tenancy area and/or the whole building and agree to
consider and, where appropriate implement, the measures set out below.
19.2 Measure and maintain the air movement within the
[common area / tenancy
to provide comfort environment.
8.9 Keep energy consumption record at least for
[insert #]
2.2 The aforesaid Green Office Tenancy Committee meetings will be held
[annually / six-monthly / quarterly/
insert an agreed frequency]
, and will be
recorded by a meeting minutes.
Landlord and Tenant may encounter italicised clauses denoted by symbols along the Sample Green Lease. It is
strongly recommended that both parties take note to these instructions and communicate on these optional terms.
• For Clauses offering different options, they are presented in
• For numbers that are upon negotiation of both parties, they are presented in
• For optional Clauses that Landlord may consider incorporating in the Green Lease, they are presented in
Please pick
of the
following options.
Please insert a suitable
. Unit may be added
is necessary.
This is an
Clause. Only use when
The heads of lease terms, the green lease terms or other sample language or template documents (the
“Templates”) in this Guidebook are provided for your reference only. Prior to using any of the Templates, please
consult a lawyer or other expert knowledgeable in the specific intended use of such documents or language.
All Templates available for use in this Guidebook are general in nature; and may not be suitable for specific
circumstances, buildings or premises. Therefore, you should only use such Templates after first consulting with a
lawyer or other expert knowledgeable in the specific intended use of such documents or language. Hong Kong
Green Building Council Limited shall in no event be held responsible or liable for any loss arising from your use
of any of the Templates.
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