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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings
CH 7
Green Tenancy
In the end, it is not the machines or technology that makes the difference.
The real change to sustainability is made by humanity. What is needed
is a change in stakeholders' habits and attitudes to the consumption of
resources – the motivation to employ more sustainable practices. Real
and true progress can only be made through dedicated and gradual
improvements towards sustainability. By successfully following the Roadmap
and implementing a Green Tenancy, stakeholders will be able to contribute
and truly make progress towards a sustainable working environment.
"Sustainability is not about energy, composting or insulation.
Sustainability is nothing more than leaving the world a little richer than you found it."
(Watkins, 2009)
If Landlord and Tenant wish to understand more about how to draft a Green
Lease, Chapter 8 will provide a detailed walk-through of the creation of
a Green Lease. Both parties are encouraged to adopt the Graduated
Collaborative Approach, to agree on a set of objectives, and to explore
more resources saving potentials before entering the agreement.
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