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HKGBC Green Tenancy Driver for Office Buildings 73
CH 8
(3) Fitting out
(3) The Tenant shall fit out the said premises in accordance with
such plans and specifications as shall have been first submitted
and approved in writing by the Landlord in a good and proper
workmanlike fashion and shall not at any time during the term
without the prior written consent of the Landlord: (i) erect install
or alter any fixtures or other erection or installation in the said
premises; (ii) drive or insert any nails screws hooks or similar
articles into the doors ceiling windows walls or any part of the
fabric of the said premises; or (iii) lay or use any floor covering or
do anything which may damage or penetrate the existing flooring.
(4) Insurance
(4) The Tenant shall effect and maintain throughout the said term
insurance cover in respect of the Tenant’s occupation and use of
the said premises and its other obligations under this Lease with a
reputable insurance company to the satisfaction of the Landlord
and to produce to the Landlord as and when requested the policy
of such insurance together with the receipt for the last payment of
premium. The policy of such insurance shall be in the name of the
Tenant and shall be in such amount as the Landlord may from time
to time stipulate.
(5) Entry by Landlord
(5) The Tenant shall permit the Landlord and all persons authorised
by it at all reasonable times to enter and view the state of repair
of the said premises and to carry out any works repairs or main-
tenance which require to be done and to show the said premises
to prospective tenants during the last 3 months of the said term or
to prospective purchasers at any time during the said term provid-
ed that in the event of an emergency the Landlord its servants or
agents may enter without notice and forcibly if need be.
Green Lease Terms
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